Trade Promotion Lottery & Lottery Permit in Australia

Trade Promotion Lottery & Lottery Permit in Australia2019-01-12T12:51:14+00:00

How to draw my competition legally

Permitkings have the required Electronic Government approved permit numbers to handle all competition draws. For your information, All records concerning the lottery, including entries, must be kept for a minimum period of twelve months (3 years for Vic) after the determination of the results. These records must provide all of the following: accurate financial accounting of the trade promotion lottery, accurate accounting for all entries, accurate reporting of the distribution of prizes.

The draw must be a random draw from all entries, the draw should be attended by an independent witness selecting random winners.  Please also note the draw can be attended by any member of the public and any member of the Gaming Authorities may also attend, so the draw must take place as per T&C’s.  Also under new Vic Casino and Gaming rules, whilst you no longer require an allocated permit number, you must adhere to the strict regulations – draws may be attended by a Vic casino and gaming officer. Any business that conducts a trade promotion lottery in contravention of the mandatory conditions for Victoria may receive a penalty exceeding $8,800.00