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If you, your business or your organisation is looking to set up a competition in Australia for the general public to enter, you are required by law to obtain a competition permit (also often referred to as a lottery permit or trade promotion lottery permit). The legalities however can be difficult to get your head around, particularly as they can vary between the different Australian states, so it’s handy to have someone who can help you get through the application process.

Let Permit Kings take away the stress and hassle of obtaining a lottery permit, so you can concentrate on the important things that matter to you.

Let Australia’s Permit Kings do the work for you!

Permit Kings specialises in helping individuals, businesses and organisations through the often tricky process of obtaining trade promotion lottery permits for competitions in Australia. Whether you’re planning well in advance or are on a very short deadline we can help you acquire the applicable competition permits to ensure your trade promotion is legal and valid in the relevant states of Australia. For further information on competition Licence in Australia call us now on 1300 4 PERMITS (1300 4 73764)

Let Permit Kings Handle your contest!

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